5 Design Considerations for Your Café Fit Out


5 Design Considerations for Your Café Fit Out

Whether you’re renovating your café or gearing up for a grand opening, your interior design tells a story. From the colours and accents you choose to the layout and furniture you provide, your café fit out impacts the way your customers experience your business – and whether they choose to come back.

Here are our top five considerations when it comes to designing your café fit out.

1. Design Layout

Your design layout directly impacts the flow of customers in your café. A good café fit out design will allow enough space for customers to move freely without feeling stuck or in the way. If your café is awkward to move in or if elements are placed in difficult locations, your customers won’t feel comfortable. Take note of the way your customers move through your space – from selecting products and bringing them to the counter to waiting for takeaway coffees in a particular area – and create your café fit out around how they move.

Consider counters, displays, seating and bathrooms when it comes to designing your layout and make sure that movement between each space is simple, logical and easy for each customer.

2. Lighting

Your lighting sets the tone and atmosphere of your café. While dimmed mood lighting may work wonders for fancy restaurants with romantic dinners, darkness and poor lighting has no place in a café fit out. After all, no one wants to enjoy a Sunday breakfast with friends in the dark!

Choose brighter lights and lighting options that feel like natural light is flowing through the space. Good lighting will improve the mood of both staff and customers and set the tone for a fun and enjoyable experience. Plus, good lighting allows your customers to take better photos of your food, decor and ambience for Instagram.

3. Attention to Detail

Good café fit outs are marked by their attention to detail. By choosing accents and details that set your café apart from the rest, you can create a space that’s memorable and uniquely yours. Consider the fine details in your café fit out design, from seating and wallpaper fabrics and colours to the types of plates, cups and cutlery you use. Each element of your café fit out, right down to the fine details, contributes to the overall experience of your customers.

4. Colours

With plenty of research detailing the effect of colours on our moods and emotions, it’s important to pick the right colours for your café interior. Avoid harsh or bold colours like blues and reds and instead opt for soft, natural tones that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. More subtle and natural colours will help your customers feel relaxed and won’t distract from the quality of your food or their experience.

5. Behind the Scenes

While the primary focus is on the customer experience, it’s important to consider how your café fit out affects your staff. The backbone of your café, be sure that your kitchen is designed well and that your staff can flow through your space with efficiency and comfort. This will translate to happier staff, satisfied customers and greater success for your café.

Design an Attractive and Successful Café

For an on-trend, bespoke café design, work with one of the leading fit out companies in Perth. At Prime Shopfitting, we specialise in crafting customer-centric café fit outs that tell the story of your business. Cost effective and tailored to your specifications, our café fit out design and construction services help you create an attractive and successful café.

Chat with our team for more on café fit out design tips and tricks. Contact us on (08) 9583 5006.

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