Commercial Interior Design

Professional Interior Design

We handle every aspect of your project efficiently
delivering high quality fitout projects on time and on budget

Artistic commercial fitout for a store.

Commercial Interior Design: The Basics

We pride ourselves on accounting for every detail of an interior design project, and our team of professionals provide everything your business or organisation needs for a commercial interior design project or commercial fitout.

More Than Just Interior Design

In addition to providing fitouts to offices and retailers, Prime Shopfitting and Building also offer customised fitouts and refurbishments for all types of commercial interiors, professional consulting rooms, schools and educational facilities, aged care facilities, sporting facilities and many other industries.




Each project undertaken with Prime offers you to the opportunity to work with a dedicated project manager and store designer from concept and design through to completion.


Our Commercial Interior Design Projects

In all of our commercial interior design projects, we approach each project understanding that there’s no one quite like you, so your business space shouldn’t look like anyone else’s either.

Every client project is a clean slate that allows us to creatively meet the demands of your space, business needs and clientele.

Creating the right atmosphere to display your brand or showcase your products is just part of the challenge that comes with interior design (and one of the reasons we love what we do).

The Prime Shopfitting and Building team work to:

  • Optimise space and lighting to enhance productivity;
  • Create space for collaboration among employees;
  • Develop space for employees to enjoy their breaks, and;
  • Maximise opportunities for the company to continue to grow into the future.

Why Prime Shopfitting & Building?

We handle every aspect of your job, from project management through to delivering high-quality fitouts, on time and within budgetary consideration.

So what are you waiting for? Call our team today to bring your commercial interior design ideas to life.

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