How To Guide: Commercial Fit Outs


How To Guide: Commercial Fit Outs

Are you moving into a commercial space or is your existing interior no longer functional? With so many costs, factors and changes involved, it can be daunting to renovate or update a commercial space. From setting aside time to planning and researching budgets, commercial fit-outs are a big task for even seasoned renovators.

Here’s the lowdown on how to complete your commercial fit out with confidence.

Understand Why You Need a Commercial Fit Out

The first step in your commercial fit out project is defining why a new fit out is needed. From old and rundown spaces to commercial interiors that don’t offer the facilities and capabilities you require, defining your new commercial fit out objectives early is key.

Define Your Timeframe

When it comes to planning for the construction of your commercial interior design, you need to consider a realistic timeframe. In order to minimise disruption to your business, your customers and the businesses around you as well as reducing potential losses during downtime, commercial fit outs must be completed efficiently and on time.

Start by planning early. Estimate the time each stage of your project will take and ensure that you’re able to set aside the time required. We recommend adding extra time to account for any delays, disruptions or complications to your commercial fit out build. Commercial fit outs can take anywhere between a few months to a year depending on complexity of your project.

Set Your Budget

Proper budgeting is key to a successful commercial interior design build. From construction materials and labour to accents and finishes, you need to account for all costs applicable to your project. Complete thorough research about the costs of your desired fit out, taking into account both the decor as well as the structural and operational elements you need to run your business.

Be sure that your budget incorporates costs for changing lighting, plumbing, IT infrastructure and any other elements that your project may affect. Scope of works defines inputs for both materials and labour scope of works are included on the architectural design plans. This forms the basis for accurate quotes. These are usually required by the building owner and especially by shopping centres (e.g. Vicinity and Westfield).

Lastly, always have a budget contingency for any unforeseen or last-minute expenses.

Create a Well-Researched Commercial Interior Design Plan

Your commercial interior design plan needs to be informed by research, in-depth thought and consideration of what you need out of your new environment. From enhancing the client experience to providing a smooth and efficient workspace for greater productivity, your commercial fit out should be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you conduct your own research or work with a commercial fit out company, create a space that supports your success and tells your story.

Crafting Quality Commercial Fit Outs in Perth

At Prime Shopfitting, we help you stay on track and in budget while executing a high-end and innovative commercial fit out design. From multi-level offices to store boutiques and shopfronts, Prime Shopfitting helps you craft a modern, fresh and inviting commercial fit out. Find out more about creating quality commercial fit outs in Perth.

Get expert advice on your project from concept to completion. Contact us today on (08) 9583 5006.

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