Office Fit Out Designs to Improve Communication


Office Fit Out Designs to Improve Communication

From small start-ups to large multinational corporations, communication is essential for a successful business. But, it’s not as easy as just talking. In order for communication to flow effectively and productively, the design of your office must facilitate it.

Ditch boxed in, awkward and jarring office fit-outs for spacious, warm and inspiring designs that improve communication. Find out more about creating an innovative and bustling workplace.

Collaborative Work Spaces

Add designated workspaces for collaboration and communication in your next office fit out design. Large round tables, seamless desk designs and spaces with minimal walls and enclosures encourage employees to chat, exchange ideas and work together to achieve common goals.

Spaces like meeting rooms, lounges and even communal team areas lead to enhanced communication across all levels of business. Provide spaces tailored to the work you do, from formal senior meetings to casual chats and catch ups, to encourage the sharing and spreading of ideas.

Designated Zones

Your office fit out dictates how your employees work and communicate as well as your overall office culture. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to create designated zones to facilitate the kind of business that you want to be. Encourage a proper work-life balance with well-equipped break rooms, foster collaboration and sharing with comfortable meeting rooms and add quiet work and study zones for getting things done with minimal interruption.

Whatever the nature of your business and whatever your requirements, create designated zones for your employees to maximise their productivity and enjoy their work.

Natural Lighting

No one wants to feel trapped in a shoebox office with no light. Impacting the mental health and happiness of your employees, poor lighting results in diminished productivity. Harsh, white and fluorescent lights are known to cause eyestrain – especially when contrasted with the light of computers – and can lead to employees feeling tired, unproductive and unhappy.

By introducing natural lighting into your space by incorporating more windows, utilising warm lighting, adding skylights and designing open plan spaces, you can improve the mood of your employees and create a happy, inspired and productive atmosphere.


It’s no secret that greenery adds to the atmosphere and feel of an office. Essential in improving air quality and brightening up a space, greenery helps employees feel more relaxed, at ease and comfortable at work. By creating a warm and welcoming environment, you encourage conversations and collaboration in a more laid back and natural space.

Many offices even have office gardens or designated schedules for watering and maintaining plants, enhancing the accountability and attachment to your businesses and allowing your employees to work together to grow your garden.

Innovative Office Fit Outs in Perth

Create an inspiring and modern office fit out that encourages collaboration and communication. Guided by your specifications and aesthetic, Prime Shopfitting specialises in quality office fit outs in Perth. Working within your timeframe and your budget, we bring innovative and unique office fit outs to life.

Find out more about enhancing communication in your workplace. Contact us today on (08) 9583 5006.

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